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Brewer Plate January 10, 2009

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The Brewer Plate comes fro a cave of mumifed giants near Manti, Utah.  I have been studying this for a long time.  The written part on the right side is indistinguishable because it the written language of Adam.  On the top of the left side there is the seal of a nephilem followed by five astronomical symbols.  These are the sun in ecalipse and the planets that wil visible during the eclipse.  These are Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars.  This eclipse is scheduled to happen in July, 2009.  I believe the giants were awaken at hat time.


1. Unknown - May 13, 2009

My friend and my godmother both had dreams about giants last summer. This is around the time they came out with the news about the Hadron Collider. Does the particle accelerator have something to do with the awakening of these giants? Can you share more information as to why you believe it will happen in July? Can you give us a visual of what you envision this will be like? Thanks!

randyhecker - November 23, 2010

During the flood many of the giants died (thankfully) because they did not pay attention to the warnings of Noah that a flood was coming. But there were many that did pay attention and built themselves survival vaults. In these vaults they would sleep until a time far in the future. The time of awakening would not be until after the 70 generations of Enoch passed away. That is when the Watcher’s were released from their imprisonment (about 1870).
That was when they began searching for the sky ship’s (UFOs) they had hidden. It was essential to Lucifer’s global plan of world domination that he present man with hard science
so that he could expand his range of influence in science and government. This began in 1882 with the first global UFO wave. This ended with the plant (crash) at Roswell. That is when the second phase of the taking over earth’s sciences and governments began.
Reverse engineering supplied the imputes.

The giants will be awakened only when God can unleash them as part of His judgment on a world of perdition.


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