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The times we live in February 19, 2009

Posted by randyhecker in Personal Revelation.
We are very close to the time of Jacob’s Troubles.  The two witnesses are one earth and ready for their work.  The Anti-Christ is ready to assume his place as the head of International Banking and Multi-national corporations.  The coming One World Government is only a war away.  But for the Anti-Christ to appear with great signs and wonders there are certain things that most come to pass.
1.  A complete global economic failure.
2.  A limited global thermonuclear war — limited in the sense that it will be more regional than international. 
3.  A collapse of the American government that will plunge the country into anarchy.
4.  The awakening of great and terrible evils.
5.  Only in the Rocky Mountains will there be peace and safety.
Be prepared or be consummed.  Draw closer to the Lord for protection.


1. Unknown - May 13, 2009

I agree with your comment about the Rocky Mountains. It was there that I received all of my dreams in Denver between 2004-2007. The ended when I left shortly thereafter. In my heart I know it is one of the safest and highest elevations in the country. I also believe there will pockets of safety in the surrounding areas slightly north and east. I dont sense that anything east of the Mississippi will be safe and the gulf states are doomed. Again, praying for this nation.

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