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Christianity February 28, 2009

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When Jesus asked Peter who Peter thought he was, Peter answered, "thou art the son of God."  Peter had received this information by personal revelation from Heavenly Father.  Jesus said that upon this rock I will establish my church.  But the rock was not Peter — the rock was direct revelation to the heart of each person that
Jesus is the son of God.  For three hundreds years brothers and sister came togather in that spirit to worship our Lord.  There was no organized religion, no buildings, no ministers, nothing of what we today call Christianity.   The constraints of an organized body of worship was created by the Nicea council and the spirit of personal revelation was lifted from the world.  The newly founded Chruch of Rome would not tolerate competitors.
For 1700 years Christianity has been dominated by movements that were not based on this personal revelation of Jesus Christ as the son of God.  Great buildings of stone and wood were raised to worship the Lord, but this was done without the understanding that the spirit of the Lord is not in buildings of stone and wood.  Instead it is in the heart of those who have received His very personal revelation.   As the world has reached a zenith of churches in which the spirit of revelation does not dwell,
personal revelation has begun to return to the hearts of brothers and sisters everywhere.  And they have come to realize that the worship of our Lord exists in fellowshipping one with another.  Old time Christianity is returning, but only to those whose hearts are opening to this experience and who are willing to follow the Lord on a one-to-one basis.  This relationship to our Lord has no buildings, no ministers, and no dogma.  There is only the Lord and us.  Through our Lord the covenant of the righteous king is fulfilled.
It is as brothers and sisters who fellowship in His spirit that we await His return.


1. Unknown - May 13, 2009

I agree, amen.

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