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The awakening of the Watchers April 1, 2009

Posted by randyhecker in Personal Revelation.
The Watchr’s who fell because of their lust for the daughters of men have awakened and been released from the places of their imprisonment.  When they were cast down because of God’s judgment they were sealed up in places on the earth.  This is very different from the original 1/3 of the heavenly hosts who rebelled and were cast into a realm within the earth.  Call this a parallel dimension if you wish, for it is a realm that is interposed with the realm we live in. 
The Watcher’s have always been here in spirit but now they are here in full presence.  The great ships they operate that were left over from the Adamic civilization now
fill our skies.  We call them UFOs.  The nation’s of the earth areat war with the Watcher’s.  They known from ancient accounts what will happen if they are allowed to return  to their former activities.  Azazel, one of the Watcher’s, was an eater of children and young women.  The other have begun engaging in all forms of sexual assualt.  The main work of the Watcher’s is to open permanent gates to Lucifer’s realm and to tear down the veil that separates us so we can see what is unleashed.
They are also working to awakening the Nephilim, the giants of old.
All of the government of our world are combined in mutual defensive agreements to hold the line against the Watcher’s.  There have been actions in the Straights of Hermuze.  2-3 nights ago there was an action off the east coast of America that result in the loss of two of our aircraft.  A week before there was a similar attack on the west coast of America in which on F-22 Raptor was lost.
All of the governments of the world are desperately trying to stop the Watcher’s from opening the vaults of the sleeping Nephilim, for that would mean utter chaos on the earth.
There has never been a time when it is more important to draw close to the Lord for protection and wise discernment.   If you see a Watcher’s ship command it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ.  The results will be most interesting.


1. Unknown - May 13, 2009

Again, I agree. I have also had many dreams about UFOs and extraterrestrial life including manmade antigravity flying devices, biological entities both manmade and extraterrestrial.

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