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Coming judgments April 5, 2010

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Recently I spent three days with the Lord


            During this time He showed me what is coming for planet Earth and specifically the three great judgments that man must face.

            The first of these is the Judgment of Lucifer.  He will use every weapon at his disposal to pour out pain and suffering on a global scale to force nations into his One World Government.  He will use tectonic weapons, seismic weapons, and scalar weapons; plus nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.  Two billion will die during this first judgment.  This will be the Gog-Magog war poured out upon a planetary population that has no idea of the why and where of it.

The last stages of this global war will focus on Israel and God will stop it by pouring out divine fire upon the human agents of Lucifer’s judgment.  This will be the time of the two witnesses and the building of the third temple in Jerusalem and the time of the Abomination of Desolation foretold by the prophet Daniel.

The second judgment comes with the close approach of Planet X during the time of 2012-2013.  The Lord showed me a world torn apart by the massive gravity of the close approach of the brown dwarf star.  The effects of Planet X will be experienced for 27 months.  I asked the Lord how anyone could survive the effects of polar realignment, massive tsunamis, volcanic eruptions everywhere, and a planetary crust torn to pieces.  And He showed me how man will survive.

This will be God’s great judgment upon man.  During that 27 month period death will be taken from the Earth and each and every person will see themselves as God sees them.  God will show each of us what He thinks of us, what we have done wrong, what we done right, our omissions, or commissions, and failures.  But those who are sealed up in the Lord will experienced the great joy of hearing our Savior’s voice say, “This one is mine, Father.”  And we will see the Book of Judgment closed.      

And those who are sealed up in the Lord will be given a special deliverance at that time, that they may draw together into the high mountains to worship God as one people. During that 27 month period all of the powers of hell will be unleashed upon those who have turned their backs on God.  They will scream out for death but it will not claim them.  Most of those who come out of this will become enemies of God and His people.  They will become feral animals out for blood.  And they shall draw together under the banner of the Anti-Christ who will give them the authority to hunt and slaughter on a global basis.  This is the time of the death camps.  All of the remaining military forces of the world will be turned against the remnant but the remnant shall receive supernatural protection.

Then the third great judgment will come.  This is the judgment of our Lord, Savior, and Redeemer upon a world turned evil.  It will the time of His glorious return and the resurrection of the firstborn. 

The judgment of Lucifer is what we call the tribulations.

The judgment of God is what we call the wraiths poured out upon an evil world.

The judgment of our Lord we will call our freedom.

All of the other foretold effects of the tribulations and wraiths are contained within these three great judgments. 

I have written this in this way to convey the ideas behind it, not to focus upon specific events.


Your brother in Jesus Christ, Randy



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