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Planet X and noticable early effects of its passage May 15, 2010

Posted by randyhecker in Watchman warnings.

Planet X and noticeable early effects of its passage


            In traveling through the cosmos Planet X has accumulated immense electrical charges. Some of these are being radiated outward in advance of the passage of Planet X as energy waves.  In addition to containing large electrical charges, these waves also contain increased mass capable of affecting local chronology of time, and spiritual energy that is beginning to disrupt the local veil.

            This veil separates the realm that man lives in from the realms of the Fallen Angels, and from the realms of Heaven.  It is composed of a rarified atomic matter that lies in a region of the electromagnetic spectrum outside of our normal vision.

            People have already begun to notice that these waves have unusual reflective properties.  People have been talking about what is happening to the appearance of the Moon, as an example.  It will seem to change positions in the sky, turn upside down, or left to right, but in moments it is back to normal.  This is because of the reflective properties of early waves of lower energy potential.

            When energy waves of higher electrical charge arrive everything can appear like small discrete multiple images, similar to looking at broken glass as the waves move through a given geographic area.   The most likely effect is that there will be no reflection of light at all and we will be in for long periods of darkness.

            As we have begun to encounter waves of higher energy potential it has begun to affect our perceptions of time.  Within these waves time, as affecting by mass, moves at a different rate than it does outside of them.  Right now these affects are of short duration.  As Planet X makes it closest approach to Earth these will increase in duration until time seems to go completely goofy.  As an example you may experience an eight hour day in five minutes, or five minutes in eight hours.  This is going to cause a complete upset of bio-rhythms among other things.  In time clocks could become useless.  But that will be during the closest approach of Planet X when the Earth is undergoing massive gravitational affects.

            Some of these energy waves have a potential capable of affecting the local veil.  This will lead to short durations of thinning of the veil.  And this will lead people to see things around them that are normally invisible. 

            At first you will see something out of the corner of your eye that when you turn to look at it, it has disappeared.  In time when you turn to look at it, it won’t become invisible.  First you will see the creatures of the demonic realm, starting with brief glimpses.  Most people have no idea of what surrounds them and influences them.  These will become visible.  The controllers of people will be exposed.  Demonic forms will be seen everywhere.

            In time another form will appear.  Starting with brief glimpses you will see beings of light and great beauty.  These are the angels. But this will occur when the human race is entirely focused on survival.

            When Planet X reaches its period of closest proximity to the Earth there will be massive earth changes.  Mountains will be torn down. Valleys will be raised up.  Seas shall be torn from their beds.  And winds of incredible velocity will ravage the landscape.  There will be a polar realignment.  North and south will be inverted.  The Earth will be hit many times by large chunks of rock as debris orbiting Planet X crosses into our gravitational well.  For weeks the Earth will reel to and fro like a drunkard.  The skies will be black and filled with the howls of terrible windows.

            I asked the Lord how it is that anyone could survive the 27 month effects of the passage of Planet X.  The answer was that during that 27 month period God will take death from the world.  No one will die regardless of circumstances.  During that time a terrible judgment will be poured out upon the world without measure.   Every one – every man, every woman, every child  — will get to see exactly what God thinks of them and what is written about them in His Book of judgment.

            But everyone who holds Jesus Christ as their personal Redeemer will get to hear Him say, “This one is mine, Father.”  And their name will disappear from the Book of Judgment and it will be closed.

            There is one other affect these energy shells will have.  They will have a direct effect on the Deep Ocean Salt current, bringing it to a temporary stop.  Because of that the life in the seas shall die.  As Planet X heads out of the solar system the Deep Ocean Salt Current will restart.

            The death of the life in the seas’ will be one judgment poured out upon the earth.

            A purely localized effect that will occur during the passing of Planet X will be the opening of the Gates of Hell and the release of the creatures sealed up I there so that they can bring suffering to man as one of God’s judgments against the wicked.



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