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Additional affects of Planet X January 22, 2011

Posted by randyhecker in Uncategorized.

The world wide bizarre weather we are having is another early sign of the approaching Planet X.  The wondering North Pole is an additional sign of the coming Planet X.  When Planet X is at its closest the Earth will experience a polar reversal — that it it will tumble in space  like a drunkard before stablizing into a new axial tilt and North – South alignment.

How is the weather a sign of Planet X?  As a increasing gravitational field entires the solar system the gravity well induces energy into the core of planets.  This will lead to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, terrible weather, mile high tsunamis, etc.  Taken from an earthly perspective components of the Earth’s physical sphere will resist this increasing gravity well.  That is they will resist untill the energy overcomes the ability to resist.

The first thing to fail will be the atmosphere.  This will result in terrible storms.  The storms we are seeing right now are only the beginning.  As the energy increases the next factor that will begin to move about in an incredible crazy fashion will be the water.

More and more we will see roaring winds and perplexities upon the waters.  The food is now failing.  The capacity to grow food is now failing.  Get ready for really hard times.




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