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Catching up with the news February 27, 2011

Posted by randyhecker in News and politics.

Picture 2Since my last post much of the world has erupted in violence.  The Middle East is is utter turmoil.  The government of Egypt has collapsed.  Libya’s strongman Guaddafi is holding on by the hairs on his chin.  He will fail.  Revolution is in the air.  This is the set up for the Gog-Magog war that will create the global government of the Anti-Christ.

This will be a global thermonuclear war.  The United States will not be exempt from it.  We will be hit with a nuclear sneak attack when our defenses are down from the great West Coast earthquake.

The United States and the individual States within it are bankrupt.  This has been a very carefully manipulated plan to cause the failure of the dollar as the global monetary reserve.  This is preliminary to the establishment of the new One World currency of the Beast.

The Time of the Anti-Christ is close at hand.

More and more individual astronomers have begun to acknowledge that there is a huge planet at the edge of the Solar System.  This is preliminary to the official announcements that will be forthcoming that this planet, Jeremiah’s Destroyer, is actually inbound to the core of the Solar System.  The severe weather we are seeing globally and the increase in other disasters – as well as the growing magnetic pole shift that is underway – are early signs of its incoming.  They will become worse and worse.

The whole world is in travail.  Draw close to the Lord and be strengthened by Him.




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