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Japan’s Godzilla March 16, 2011

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I just awoke from a dream in which I was shown that events now unfolding in Japan (reactor meltdowns and other events) are going to be called Japan’s Godzilla. Watch for a turn of the winds that will take much of the radiation over the rest of the Japanese Islands. Fear and panic will erupt into virtual chaos. The rich will try to flee the Islands. But where will you evacuate millions of people who are radioactivity contaminated and have no where to go?

Into this will come the next big earthquake in Japan which will be virtually directly beneath Tokyo and will measure at least an 8 in magnitude (probably higher). More Japanese reactor systems are going to fail and experience meltdown. More Japanese volcanoes will erupt and the ash clouds will become infused with radioactive fallout.

There will be complete failure of the Japanese economy and this will drive down economic conditions all over the planet. There will be hue and a cry to stop nuclear power everywhere. Expect a draconian response in America to increasing fallout.




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