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Japan’s Continuing Troubles April 16, 2011

Posted by randyhecker in Uncategorized.

My last posting here involved what I am called Japan’s Godzilla – a series of events that will cost millions of lives and leave the Japanese mainland uninhabitable.  We have seen reactors go into meltdown, more will come.  Some of the Japanese volcano’s have erupted.  Others will erupt including Mt. Fuji.

Right now the land beneath Tokyo is being torn apart because of soil liquefaction.   And yet so many of the people there, watching the area beneath their feet role and move about, laugh at the situation.  They will not be laughing when the next earthquake brings down the tall buildings of Tokyo.  Then the rest of the reactor’s in Japan will go into meltdown.

We are seeing the time given in prophecy when the oceans of the Earth shall die. 



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