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The Line In The Sand September 19, 2011

Posted by randyhecker in Uncategorized.

Many years ago, when the Lord first called me to be a Watchman over the House of Israel, He told me that a time would come when a line would be drawn in the sands of the world.

Very soon now we are approaching that time.

It will be like it was at the Alamo, in the great State of Texas, when Col. Travis took his sword, drew a line in the sand, and asked his men on which side they would stand.

We are now very close to the hour when this line shall be drawn in the sands of your heart, your mind, and your spirit, and you will have to decided on which side you will stand – the side of Jesus Christ or the side of the Anti-Christ.

As a Watchman of the Lord Jesus Christ I cannot tell you when this line will be drawn, only that its time is nearly upon you.

Make your decision well for it binds you to the rest of eternity. Your decision determines whether your name will be found in our Lord’s Book of Life, or God’s Book of Judgment.

And please mark my words – once this line is drawn the bowel of God’s judgments shall be poured out upon the world.

Make ye the way of the Lord.

Randy Hecker



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