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The acceleration of the times October 13, 2011

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Each day the gravitational mass of the incoming Destroying is increasing and it has already started to cause crustal deformation in many areas of the world.

Because The Destroyer (Nabiru) is entering the Solar System from south of the plane of the ecliptic, most of its effects are being felt in the Southern Hemisphere.  However, these effects are producing antipodal crustal deformation in the Northern Hemisphere.

At the moment of this writing, The Destroyer is somewhere near Jupiter.  Soon it will cause orbital irregularities in the Asteroid Belt and many of the great chunks of rock will begin to fall toward the Sun.  How many of these will have Earth born trajectories is unknown – but sooner or later we will be hit by something big.  This is prophecy.  We call it Wormwood.

As The Destroyer passes the Southern Polar regions there will massive crustal displacement with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes with magnitudes never seen before, terrible weather anomalies, and effects no one can even begin to calculate.

As it reaches it closest approach to the Sun and begins to swing back out into space, the Northern Hemispheric regions will experience the same kinds of events.

Continents will be torn apart.  Tsunamis miles high will rage back and forth across the seas.  The Sun will be darkened and the Moon will not give up its light.  Great chunks of rock will fall from the skies.  Red rains of iron oxide will fall everywhere and create great flooding.

For twenty-seven months no food will be grown anywhere.  Sprouting will be possible as the only source of fresh vegetables.`

The effects of The Destroyer are part of the judgments God will pour out upon the world in the final days.  And it is nearly here.  We are now experiencing some of the early effects of its coming.

Pay attention to the Canary Islands.  When the volcanoes there erupt they will generate a mega tsunami that when it reaches the Eastern Coast of the Americas (North, Central, and South) will generate a mega tsunami approximately 1,000 feet high.  It is coming.  Be warned.




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