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The beginning of the end is near October 19, 2012

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Hello Brothers and Sisters.

By now you will have noticed that I have been off the internet for some time.  We had a real freaky electrical storm go through our area which wiped out my good computer.  We were without a computer for several months.  A friend loaned us an older machine (2006) which has no graphic interface.  We will be acquiring a better system soon.  When I have it I will return to posting on my YouTube channel.

For those who have not yet visited there the address is www.youtube.com/user/spiritfire100.

We are beginning to see the unraveling of world society.  The mass movements that are going on, particularly in the Middle East, are the foundations of the Gog Magog war.  There are only a few steps required for global thermonuclear war to rage across the Earth.

This will be the beginning of the time of the Anti-Christ.

Also keep in mind that The Destroyer is inbound to the inner Solar System.  It will bring unimaginable havoc.  Watch the earth changes that even now accelerating in activity.

Best word of wisdom I can give is draw unto the Lord and stand in His strength and in His protection. 




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