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Red Alert November 18, 2012

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Red Alert

My brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, we are on the verge of the Gog Magog war that will result in the eruption of global thermonuclear warfare.  Please keep in mind that everything is for a reason.  Everything is a part of the divine plan that will bring our Messiah back to us.

This is where faith comes in.  We do not have to know the reason, but we must have a continuing and abiding faith in the Lord until the reason is manifest.

He is coming and I am not referring to the Anti-Christ who is here now.




1. Stephan - May 4, 2013

Hi Randy,
Yes, as you said we can see all arround the turmoil in which the world has plounged.
And the humanity lynchpin is: wwlll, nothing will happen until wwlll will erupts. But you said that things are holding back!!! You can say that only when May is finished!!
As things are looking like in the world I do not believe that May will pass by without the booms.
Of course everything is possible, God is in control.
I feel that the booms are imminent.
But, are we ready?? Do we really wait for HIM and only for HIM in this corrupt and unjust world?? and each one of us has to answer this question for himself.
To how many HE is going to say:”And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me,…….”? because there are multitudes over multitudes that pretend to serve Him.
I encourage anyone to study Isaia 5 : 14 and wake up.
Pray to the Lord for guidance and light for he has mercy.

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