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Prophecy in today’s world January 30, 2013

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Today prophecy is coming from many sources.  My voice is one of many.  Sisters are particularly giving rise to prophetic voices.  When the men become so engulfed in the world that they no longer give time to hear the voice of the Lord, the sister will hear His sweet voice.

Prophecy is everywhere in the world.  But be careful — much of it is false prophecy.  Before believing anything (and that includes my voice) take it to the Lord.  This is the only route of safety.



It is at the door January 23, 2013

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We managed to make it through 2012 without any of the  prophesied  happenings coming to pass.  This is an important  lesson.  The Lord has never given a time for things to begin — He has taught that if you know the signs and the seasons you will be taken unaware.  Therefore place no importance on those who say it will happen on this date, at this time.  They’re source inspiration is not our Lord Jesus Christ.

None the less,we are close to the beginning of tribulations.  Watch for changes in the Sun, Moon, Planets, and Stars and you will know how close the time is.  Once tribulations starts it will be like dominoes falling; events will over run each other.  

Your only protection and strength is to stand with the Lord.  There is none other anywhere.

Also watch the Middle East.  The Two Witnesses are already in the world and waiting to begin their work.  The forces of evil are lining up against God’s covenant  people — not a good idea but they cannot be taught otherwise.

Keep your eyes open and do not be fooled by all the satanic glamor that exists in the world.