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Why haven’t things happened–YET! April 21, 2013

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When we look at the world what do we see. For one thing we see political crisis at every turn. For a second thing we see an economic system that is very close to going belly up. For a third thing we see nation after nation moving towards war and nuclear confrontation. And for a fourth thing we see a planet undergoing massive crustal deformation, increasing volcanic activity, earthquakes in divers places, bizarre weather changes, and changes in the wild life of the planet.

All the political factors of the world are straining to bring forth chaos upon the planet. The want a nuclear confrontation that will plunge whole nations into a Stone Age subsistence. They want to remove vast numbers of “unwanted eaters.” And they want to push what’s left into a totalitarian world system — the government of the Beast.

The world wants a one world government controlled by the powers and principalities of hell. They want to be dominated by evil to the destruction of their souls.

With a world in this shape why don’t they push the damn buttons and unleash hell. The Answer is they have pushed the buttons – and nothing happened. There are countries like North Korea that continue to run their launch codes on an hourly basis – every hour of every day. Even the United States runs through its launch codes with the hope that something will work and the world can be plunged into Obama’s nuclear nightmare.

While the powers of evil have brought the world to the brink, it is the power of God and His Son Jesus Christ that is holding back the destruction that world leaders crave with a terrible hunger. Many times the Lord has said to me, “They can do nothing until I release them to do it, and then watch and see what I am going to do.”

God is not preserving America and other countries because of our political or economic systems. These are evil institutions. He is not preserving the world because of our artists and song writings. He is not preserving the world because of the millions that fill the churches on Sundays. But right now He is preserving the world because of the men and women who serve His Son.

Service to Jesus Christ involves active physical work. It is not fulfilled by setting in church and the minister does everything. In that situation the only one serving the Lord is the minister and he or she derives great blessing from that service.

Service to the Lord can start with a feeling to do this or that. Or it can came directly from a calling given by the Lord Himself.

We all know Steve Quayle. He received a Joseph calling directly from the Lord. I do not doubt that he receiving this calling. I understand a Joseph calling and I know it puts him through a lot of stress.

The Lord does not measure the service that is rendered unto Him. He loves each servant to the same measure – because they are His servants.

As you go about in the world please thank God and His Son for standing between you and the chaos that waits to erupt. They cannot hold it forever. A definite time is coming in which the powers of evil will be release to pour the world into nuclear, chemical, and biological ruin.

The most recent information I received directly from Jesus Christ was this: “Those who stand with me, I will stand with him, and they will receive my protection, my shelter, and they will receive their daily manna.”

When you see that the status quo is still (and for a time) the status quo please realize the incredible power that God is powering out upon the world for you. It is my sincerely hope that you will come to understand this miracle for what it is – the protection of His elect.

Our great and loving creator gave the authority of this work of protection to His Son.

I can illustrate how great this protection is. The Destroyer, Planet X, Nabiru, is now stopped dead south of the plane of the ecliptic within the Solar System. The governments of the world know this and it is driving them crazy.

I hope that this will also throw new light on what the Lord ask me to share with the world: “When you see the destruction come upon you, stand still and see the salvation I have prepared for you.” It will be incredibly awesome.

I do not know when things will be unleashed but I cannot believe that it will long.