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Update May 16, 2013

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Sunspot group AR1748 is currently rotating towards the Earth.  It has already unleashed several X class solar flares and coronal mass ejections.  If the same or greater energy is unleashed when the sunspot group becomes Earth directed,  it could easily release the energy that will trigger the earthquake in Northern Iraq.

This could be prophecy in the unfolding right now.  Please watch the situation.



Warnings for the West Coast May 15, 2013

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Popocatepetl is in pre-eruptive warning phase right now.  For those of my brothers and sisters who have followed my warnings, they may remember that I gave a warning for a major eruption of Popocatepetl as one of the signs of the coming West Coast Mega Quake.


But before this comes the earthquake in Iraq that will lead to the release of the spirit Abaddon from The Bottomless Pit.

Petrus Romanas (the False Prophet) has been elected.  When the spirit Abaddon is released to possess the man who will become the Anti Christ, the world will descend into nuclear war.

Time is incredible short.