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The coming American Civil War July 24, 2013

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When I was two years old I had a dream of the future of the United States of America.  In that dream I saw the future of America in great detail. This was in 1949. Some of these events are only now beginning to unfold.

In this dream I saw America descend into a second civil war.

This will not be a war of North against South or East against West. Instead it will be a war of white against black. It will be a war of minorities against minorities.

We are on the verge of this war right now. The Zimmerman-Martin situation will not be the start of it – but it will be one of the events pushing America in the direction of chaos in the streets.

Most of the media is trying to bring this war into the headlines. Our government is pushing for this war as well. A black army of Obama youth has ben built and trained. It numbers in the millions.  Combine this with the Black Muslims, the Black Panthers, and all of the other white hating groups  and it is amazing that war has not yet erupted.

There are just as many black hating white groups as there are white hating black groups. Both sides want chaos. Both sides want anarchy in America. Both sides want the country brought down in flames.

This break down on America’s social is inevitable. But it is also wrong. A lot of good people are going to die on both sides.

Foreign powers will take advantage of this situation to attack and overwhelm this land. Then the war will turn against the invaders but it will be too late.

Those people who stand in Jesus Christ know that the color of a person’s skin is unimportant. What is important is what is in their heart. When the Great Warning comes upon the Earth, people will see that God’s judgment will be based upon what is in their hearts.

There is an ancient saying – as person thinks within their heart so they are.

Please take the time to place our Lord Jesus Christ within your heart and let the beautiful flower of His love for you grow within you. It will change every part of your being.

Time grows incredibly short. Please focus on what is truly important and not on the mundane things of the world.

It is my hope and pray that all of us will grow together as brothers and sisters of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Watch the Sun July 6, 2013

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  Prophecy says to watch for changes in the Sun, Moon, and Stars  .Why has this injunction been given?

Our Solar System exists as part of an electrified universe.  Within the Solar System the Sun is not just the source of light and heat, but it is a massive gravitation well that pulls in huge amounts of electrified energy (as well as other objects).  But as great as the magnetosphere of the Sun is, there is an equal force that pushes outward a constant stream of high energy protons.  Scientists call this the Solar Wind. 

There are many events that can affect the stability of the Sun and have a direct effect on life on Earth.  I suggest that my readers check out the daily news casts of SuspiciousOberver on Youtube.  He does a daily update on solar dynamics that is very informative.  He also teaches how to do your own solar monitoring and know when dynamic changes are on their way to Earth.

So what is happening in the Solar System that indicates ongoing changes to the normal stable dynamic of gravity? 

The weather on Earth is changing in ways no one could have foreseen.  The Earth’s wobble has changed, as has the axial tilt.  The North magnetic pole is wondering all over the place.  It is currently moving towards Siberia at the rate of roughly three hundred miles per year.  And this is accelerating.  This indicates a coming magnetic pole shift. 

Mars is thawing out.  There is evidence of plant life and water on the Martian surface.  Mars quakes have increased dramatically. 

Jupiter is showing changes in its upper atmospheric weather patterns.  The great Red Spot disappeared for awhile and then reappeared at another location.  Jupiter has taken a couple of big hits from unknown debris recently.  This debris could come from a  growing instability  in the Asteroid Belt.

I could go on but I do not think it is necessary.  The Solar System in which we live is currently under going a dynamic change. 

All of these changes are being caused by another massive gravitational force that is entering our Solar System (is in fact well inside of the Solar System).  When it passed through the Oort cloud it gave rise to hundreds (perhaps thousands) of short duration comets that would collide with the Sun.  Instability in the Asteroid Belt is causing more and more chunks of rock to leave their orbits and fall into the Sun.  One or more of these rocks will eventually hit the Earth. We have had some dynamic near misses in recent months, such as the meteor in Russia. 

I call this “The Destroyer” after the prophet Jeremiah.  It has been called “Nemesis,” “Planet X,” “Nabiru,” and other names.  It means that another Solar System has entered our Solar System.  It comes with its own planets and these have their own moons.  It is shrouded in a mass of highly charged iron oxide.  The inner core of this is a brown dwarf star.  It is approaching the Earth from the far side of the Sun.

When will it make its closest approach to the Earth?  I do not know. 

Relate this to prophecy.  The Book of Revelations foretells many changes that will soon come upon the Earth that will affect the Sun, Moon, and Stars first.

I use to to work with some astronomers.  One of them was a Christian.  We use to talk about prophecy.  I once asked him if the changes foretold in the Book of Revelations could happen.  He said no they could not happen because our Sun was a steady output star.  In 1996, the Sun inexplicably changed to a variable output star.  His response was now the events of prophecy can happen.

People do not understand that there two kinds of prophecy.  The first is the written in stone prophecy and is unchangeable.  The second is conditional prophecy.  An example of this is Jonah’s message to Nineveh.  The people were told to change or be destroyed.  They repented and the destruction that was set for them did not materialize.

The changes that are coming to the Sun, Moon, and Stars are written in stone.  But how this affects you is conditional.  You have the power to change this coming impact in your life.  Please study the scriptures, discover who your Redeemer is, and how repentance works.

The power is yours.  Please take hold of it and do it, for time is very short.