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The Rise of Apostasy Within Christianity October 27, 2013

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Over thirty years ago the Lord warned me that a time would come in my church in which the hearts of the people would turn away from the teachings they have held as precious and a time of Apostasy would come. 

I am seeing this now.  But this is a top down Apostasy, not the other way around.  More and more I see people being called to positions of authority that are good religious people but have no basis in the underlying spiritual realities.  In other words the spirit of the Lord is not with them. 

While these people present themselves as a perfect image of a church brother or sister, the lack of direction by the Lord can only lead to lots of the direction by the Adversary.  I have seen brothers and sisters say things that are completely wrong according to the teachings of my church and yet they are now the ones in general authority.  There is no mercy, no charity, no welfare, and no consideration for the states of others.  At the same time the spirit of the Lord has left our building.  It is now just a building,

At the same time I see other church’s turning away from prophecy, even as my own as done.  Prophecy is the deepest basis of Christianity.  Without understanding the prophetic role of Jesus Christ and knowing that prophecy will be fulfilled with His return, there can no hope.  And hope and faith are deeply entertained.

Keep your eyes open for the turning away has begun.  And remember this – there is another Church that is growing faster than ever.  It has no buildings, no clergy.  Its head is Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.  It is the Church of His spirit.  Becoming a member of it is a path of daily disciple and living to hear His voice and follow His direction.