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The Mark Of The Beast Means Damnation May 13, 2014

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I have just read that there are so called Christian ministers telling their members that it is okay to take the Mark of the Beast.  People are being told that it is okay to take the Mark of the Beast for they can still receive salvation from the Lord. 

You can find this on Before It Is News.  There are several pastors who have already taken the RFID Chip.

These men (and perhaps women) are followers of Satan in secret.  They are leading the people into apostasy and they will receive bitter punishment for it.  Judgment is upon them.

The true Mark of the Beast is not in the world yet.  Mark my words – those who take the Mark will do so because they hate God and His Son Jesus Christ with a terrible passion and want vengeance against them.  The Mark will become the ensign of that hatred.  They who bear it will say to God and His Son, “We do not want to be in your kingdom.  We want to be in the kingdom of the Beast because he is cool and gives what we want.  He allows us to murder Christians and Jews as we desire and to engage in every manner of debauchery just because we want to do it.”

When the Mark appears, which will be after the passage of The Destroyer, it will initiate the greatest period of wanton destruction every carried out by man.  Even the preceding global thermonuclear war will seem like a picnic, and it will result in the deaths of two billion people.

Dire judgment will be upon those who take the Mark.