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False Flag Operations everywhere September 11, 2014

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Since President Obama became Presidents there have been numerous false flag operations around the world conducted by elements of the United States Shadow government.  What are false flag operations.  They are a means of creating an enemy that attacks American interests, and so becomes the new target for government officials to go to war against.  Why?  It is very simple – war makes more profits than peace.  Trillions more.  In fact one day of a good war makes more profits than a thousands years of peace.

In the Bush administration the false flag was the CIA created and support throughout all of the anti-terrorist operations known as Al Queida.  We made Al Queida and lot of good American soldiers, men I am proud of, died for no other reason than war is profitable.

Now the enemy is ISIS and ISIS was almost totally created directly by the authority of President ISIS.  And who is funding ISIS? None other the deep black pockets of the CIA.

The whole purpose of ISIS is to create the foundation of the Gog Magog and give us the justification for re=inserting our military into Iraq (For oil) and for conducted a war against Syria and Iran.  Obama must do this before he leave office in 2016.  That is the only way he can declare national emergency powers and remain in office essential for ever (or until the emergency is over).

How long will it be before this develops into a global thermonuclear war.  Probably no more than hours; possibly only minutes.

All of this is prophecy.  and all of this is only a step towards make Obama the new global dictator – the one and only Anti-Christ.

What is so funny about this (in a sick way) is that in everything Obama is an absolute idiot at creating a false flag operation that doesn’t point directly at him (like everything else he does).

Live long and prosper for soon you shall do neither.