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What Is Man That Thou Art Mindful Of Him October 27, 2014

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My brothers and sisters today I wish to take up a deep subject.  What is man and Who is God mindful of him but is not a respecter of men.

I just watch a movie entitled “The Giver”.  I recommend it to everyone.  It point out to me something every important.  We have been created in the image of the Most High God.  Does this not mean that He is like us?  Yes it does.  Does He have a body like ours?  Yes He does.  Does He had a spirit like our own but vastly greater in proportions?  Yes he does.

It is fundamentally true that as it is above, so it is below.  And it is below so it is above.

Does this mean that heaven is reflected in the Earth and the Earth is reflected in heaven?  It can be, but obviously it isn’t there yet.

Each person on this planet is a son or daughter or God.  It is fundamentally true that nothing can be made in matter that it is not modeled in spirit first.  Even the rocks and the trees have spirits after their own nature.  “"

“The Giver” painted a society in which everything is controlled.  Your life is chosen for you.  Your mate is chosen for you.  You are given a child to raise.  But all of the emotions are forbidden except for one person who was raised to be the receiver of all of the memories and emotions of the human race.  He releases that his society has lost the power to love, the power to take joy in things, as well as the power to hate.  And he knows his society is doomed if he doesn’t fix the problem.

As sons and daughters of God we have emotions, all of the good and all of the people,so that we can chose the greater.  The ultimate expression of this is loving your enemies even as the son of God instructed us to do.

God loves those sons and daughters who have taken upon themselves the name of Jesus Christ, His Son, and who are trying to live by His example.  These are the elect of His Son, those who shall find their names in the Lambs Book of Life.

But to those who only give this lip service – God is no respecter of you.  To those who do not even give that, God is definitely no respecter of you.  And you shall know His wraith.

The Lord asked me recently, “What is the value of a good man or woman if I do not qualify them on a daily basis?”  Then he answered:

“They no have value.”

May the Lord qualify you each day that you may the path of love with greater peace and understanding.  For following the Lord means you are walking the path of love that stretches beyond the star and beyond forever.