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Signs in the heavens March 20, 2015

Posted by randyhecker in Watchman warnings.
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Today is a special day. The Earth will experience a solar eclipse, a super moon, and the dawning of Spring (the Spring equinox). Combine these with the four blood moons (two of which have already passed and two are yet to come) and those who have eyes to see will know that the ides of war are upon us.

The blood red moons are a warning to Israel that the Gog Magog war is coming.

The solar eclipse is a warning to the world that the world is falling into the cauldron of thermonuclear war. It will also bring other things: famine, pestilence, anarchy across the world, and the rise of the Anti-Christ.

To my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, get out of the cities. Soon they will be nothing more than centers of death and disease. When the social structure collapses, how long will it be before people hunt each other for food? Days at most.

Inquire of the Lord where He wants you to go. Then know that He does not close one door that He does not also open another door.

And also remember that these and other events cannot happen until the Lord releases them to happen. He is in command of everything.

The signs are about us that the time of Jacob’s Troubles will soon be upon us. Time is all too short.

Arise and prepare ye the way of the Lord. The time for the fulfillment of all things foretold in prophecy is upon us. Please remember that whatever happens, it is a sign of the return of the Son of Man.

Those signs are now in the heavens; soon they shall be in the earth as well.