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The Coming Great West Coast Earthquake May 31, 2015

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For five years now I have been warning about Mega Earthquake that will strike the San Andreas Fault and cause massive devastation to the California Southland.  I have stated that it measure between 9.5 and 10.5 but it would be preceded by two warning shocks.  The first of these would measure between 5.5 and 6.5 on the Richter Scale and it would occur out in the desert regions of Southern California.  It will hardly be felt in Los Angeles.  The second quake would measure between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Richter Scale.  It will cause damage at the epicenter and the tall buildings in Los Angeles  will sway.  There will be damage in older areas.

I do not know the time interval between the first and second quake, or how long it will be after that before the Big One strikes.

Twice before this pattern of quakes has hit without the Big One.  But I believe now the Big One is clearly coming.  This is based on other things the Lord has shown me.  The Lord has shown me that there would a mass migration out of Mexico and other Central American countries.  This has started but it will finally reach millions streaming north.The Lord has also shown me that the crust of the planet along the western margin of Central and North America will begin to break up before this quake., because of early effects of the incoming Destroyer.  The 4.8 magnitude earthquake outside of Las Vegas, where the water of Lake Mead is draining into the earth, is a clear indication that this has started.

Recently I received a communication from a seismologist in Southern California who stated it was simply impossible for the San Andreas to generate that magnitude an earthquake.   Under normal circumstances he is completely right.  The grinding between two tectonic plates is not sufficient to generate that kind of energy.

But there are things that will generate this great event.  First is the natural capacity of the San Andreas Fault to generate 7 to 8 magnitude earthquake.  Second is the use of seismic and tectonic weaponry that will be focused on the fault line.  And third is the judgment of God upon the unrighteous.   If I was a betting man (which I am not) I would put my money on Number Three.

This is coming as surely as the dawn comes.

I am a Watchman on the Wall.  My duty is to give warning of the coming things has shown me.  I am not a prophet.  The duty of a Prophet of God is give revelation as he receives it and to call the nation unto repentance.  I will continue to give warning for as long as I can, but the time is growing incredible short.




1. Matthew Ford - March 31, 2016

I heard your interview with Johnny Baptist on Tribulation Now radio. I have a few questions.

1. Do you believe there will be an alien deception? That will be the fallen angels?
2. There seems to be a new movement on ‘truth’ that the earth is well… flat. Or at least geocentric vs heliocentric. Would this explain why the sun moved backwords or even stood still?
3. The scriptures indicate that the destroyer is actually a star and not a planet. What are your thoughts on this?
4. The scriptures call wormword a star and not an astroid. What are your thoughts? Is wormword possibly the destroyer?
5. Book of Enoch and Bible both never mention ‘planets’, but only Earth, sun, moon, and stars. The book of Enoch refers to wondering stars, could these be the planets?

randyhecker - February 18, 2017

Hi Matthew
Sorry it has taken me so long to answer you. I’ve been having password reset problems with my wordpress site. Every time I would reset my password something would block from it from working. Just got it sorted out today (2/18/2017)
I do not believe in a pretribulation rapture. Satan as worked especially hard to infuse this belief into Christianity. Therefore there will be something designed to deceive even the very elect.
I do not believe that the Earth is flat. In the Koran, Mohammed stated that the Earth was flat, so all true Muslims believe that the Earth is flat. They have been trying to force science to accept this belief as absolute fact. The true sphere we call the Earth is infact built on 12 intersecting dimensions. We cannot see the other dimensions with our eyes.
Jesus Christ has the power over everything. If you needed to stop the world in its orbit, or even change the orbit, He just does it. But try telling that to science. Three times now He has stopped the forward motion of The Destroyer to give His people more time to prepare.
The Destroyer is actually a planetary system with a brown dwarf star at its core.
I’ve never asked the Lord about Wormwood. The Destroyer has other names — Lucifer’s Hammer. Gabriel’s Hammer, etc. Wormwood could be another title but I don’t thin so. Wormwood hits the Earth, the Destroyer passes between the Mars and the Sun. What it does to the asteroid belt will be very interesting.
The ancients were very good at noting any changes in the night sky. Wondering Stars were objects that passed through the solar system and were big enough to be scene with the naked eye.
Sorry again for taking so long to answer.
Randy Hecker

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