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In 1975, I was called by our Lord Jesus Christ to be a Watchman over the House of Israel.  Since that time He has shown me what is coming in incredible detail.  And the things He has shown me are now coming to pass.

At the time this started for me I was in law enforcement.  Because of the Earth Changes I was being shown I changed my professional to become an Emergency Medical Technician and then an EMT-Paramedic.  Finally I became a specialist in Emergency Preparedness.  My wife is a specialist in food storage.

We live in the Rocky Mountain town of Gunnison, Colorado, because the Lord sent us here to prepare this place as a Place of Refuge for the remnant He will call out of the destruction of America.  That destruction is imminent.



1. Stephan - September 7, 2012

Hi Randy,
I am glad to have found your forum, blog or site.
So I am pretty new, but, not in faith.
I read what you wrote about the vision you received from the Lord about what’s to come.
I knew, it’s not something new for me. I am a bit speechless .
I know that there are hard times ahead and so many souls are …. lost.
I have tried to warn many but they do not believe, it’s like in Noah’s time.
They all believe things are going to be like this for endless years to come.
How wrong!!
And so many ( at least 95% ) of those attending a so called “church” are on the highway to hell!!
I wanted to ask you: Did Juda take part to the Lord’s supper?
Also tell me please how are women coming to worship?

randyhecker - October 21, 2012

Hi Stephan

I agree with you completely that most of what western religious call Christianity It has instead to do with the dogmas of man. And all dogmas by their very nature are wrong.

About Juda, he was called to be a disciple of the Lord before the world us. He was also called to be the person who gave the Lord to His capture’s. After all when the troops came for Him in the Garden of Gethsemane, they did not know who He was. He had attended the Last Supper. When Jesus said “Go and do what you must do,” His actual meaning was “Go and do what you have been called to do.”


Stephan Cotora - October 22, 2012

Hi Randy, It is astonishing how the Lord is choosing his workers in the vineyard. More surprising is for me the fact that despite so many are falling away the Lord does not take away the gift He has given to the worker, and it took me quite long to understand this. But!!…….. He is going to ask a full account from every worker when the time comes. The sad thing is the fact that so many workers are losing their reward and crown that the Lord had prepared for them. Give me an email address so I can send you a document for you to read. It is very important for any of these “days Christians”. Regards Stephan

randyhecker - November 6, 2012

My e-mail address is randy_hecker@q.com. I look forward to it. If it isn’t copyrighted can I have permission to post it on my forum?


randyhecker - January 9, 2013

Hi Stephan

I am still working out answering my mail on my blog so I am sorry this took so long. I invite e-mail and even skype exchanges with anyone. My regular is randy_hecker@q.com. My skype address is spiritfire777@live.com. Hope to hear from you soon


2. sarah idris - March 4, 2013

Hi Randy. My name is sarah. I have recently read your vision of whats coming to america and also u mentioning that the Lord is showing u may 2013 for the next high watch time for the mega ca quake and rapture? Is the Lord still showing u May 2013? Thank u very much for what u do and u are blessing many people w/ your blog! I eagerly look forward to your response! God bless!

randyhecker - February 20, 2017

I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply Sarah, but events in my life got really weird for several years. There was even an effort to kill me. But the Lord once promised me that as long as I did the work the Lord asked me to do He would shelter me from death.
Now I am trying to get into the swing of things and get back to work warning those who have eyes to see.

3. Sarah Idris - March 4, 2013

Hi Randy. My name is Sarah and I read your Vision of What’s Coming to America and also read about God giving you the high watch time for the mega california earthquake and Rapture as May 2013. I just wanted to know if May 2013 is still what the Lord is telling you? Thank you very much for your blog and for the work you do! It is blessing alot of people! I eagerly look forward to your response! God bless you!

4. stan - July 6, 2013

Randy, Do you know of J. Leland Earls?
He has some interesting prophecy’s


thank you for your works, God bless you.

5. Michelle - September 22, 2013

Hi Randy. So happy to have realized the Lord sent me right around the corner from a place of refuge for the remnant. I’m in Montrose. Would love to make contact!

randyhecker - September 22, 2013

Hi Michelle

We are indeed in Gunnison. Call me at 970-641-1230 when you get a chance and we will see about getting together.


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