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Catching up with the news February 27, 2011

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Picture 2Since my last post much of the world has erupted in violence.  The Middle East is is utter turmoil.  The government of Egypt has collapsed.  Libya’s strongman Guaddafi is holding on by the hairs on his chin.  He will fail.  Revolution is in the air.  This is the set up for the Gog-Magog war that will create the global government of the Anti-Christ.

This will be a global thermonuclear war.  The United States will not be exempt from it.  We will be hit with a nuclear sneak attack when our defenses are down from the great West Coast earthquake.

The United States and the individual States within it are bankrupt.  This has been a very carefully manipulated plan to cause the failure of the dollar as the global monetary reserve.  This is preliminary to the establishment of the new One World currency of the Beast.

The Time of the Anti-Christ is close at hand.

More and more individual astronomers have begun to acknowledge that there is a huge planet at the edge of the Solar System.  This is preliminary to the official announcements that will be forthcoming that this planet, Jeremiah’s Destroyer, is actually inbound to the core of the Solar System.  The severe weather we are seeing globally and the increase in other disasters – as well as the growing magnetic pole shift that is underway – are early signs of its incoming.  They will become worse and worse.

The whole world is in travail.  Draw close to the Lord and be strengthened by Him.



The breaking up of America March 11, 2009

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We have reached the time in the history of America where a second civil war is imminent.  The economy has fallen apart and we are on the edge of the next great depression.  But this coming depression will be far worse than the one 80 years ago.  I remember my Grandmother telling my brother and I about that depression, about how there was no money and no jobs.  But it was a time when Americans trusted other Americans.  When someone came to your door asking for a hand out it was another American needing help.  You had reasonable certainity they weren’t there to kill you and take what little you had.  In fact such activity was virtually unheard of.  Can we say this today?
This next depression will be marked by a complete destruction of America’s social systems.  Anarchy will be everywhere.  There will be a complete collapse of America’s food producing and distribution system.  Very quickly the gangs will break down into cannibalism.  Any person leaving their homes will face the chance of being hunted as a food source.  Home invasion will be minute by minute events.  The cities will very quickly break down into fuedal states with the strong eating the weak.  Famine and pestilence will be everywhere.
But there will be a group of people who will be separated out from this destruction.  These will be those who have begun fellowshiping in the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This will be a new breed of brothers and sisters living as Christians originally did under pagan Rome.  They will become a people separated out of the destruction of this country and draw togather to be a new people.  The Lord will give them special protection and discernment for those times.  And when they come togather it will be by the authority of our Lord and they will be given greater authority than what they now hold.  Unfortunately the vast majority of Christians are not a part of this.  They are the ones who call the Lord by name but know him not.
Those who fellowship in the spirit of our Lord have already been sealed up by Him.  This means that we who bare His seal on our spirits and we been set aside to be the remnant of the final days on Eath.  One of the interesting charactistics of this fellowship is that when we meet for the first time we know who each of us are and the place we occupy in the Lord’s community.  In that time we will be one people and one spirit.  To those who have already been sealed up in the Lord I say get ready, for our time is nearly here.  If you are not yet sealed up in the Lord and want to be above all things take it to the Lord and be ready for great changes that He will bring into your life.
Stand in the sacred place of your heart and spirit and get ready for what is coming.