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Red Alert November 12, 2017

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Today’s 7.6 magnitude earthquake southeast of Mosul, Iraq, is a pre-shock to a larger magnitude quake that will strike north of Mosul, Iraq, and will lead to the release of the spirit Abaddon, otherwise known as the spirit Anti-Christ.  That earthquake will be directly on the major fault that runs from Turkey in the west to Iran on the east.  That earth movement will measure between 8 and 9 on the Richter Scale.

In the mountains north of Mosul there is a system of great caverns.  In these caverns there are three great gates built into the living rock.  These gates as huge in size and they are bound by chains and locks that are themselves herculean in size.  One of these is one of the gates to the Bottomless Pit.

When this greater magnitude event strikes the ground lying over these caverns will collapse and the gates will be exposed.  Then the angel with the key to the Bottomless Pit shall come down and open that gate.  And the spirit Abaddon shall be released.  Then the spirit Abaddon shall take peace from the world and he shall plunge the globe into thermonuclear war and the first war of Gog and Magog shall be upon us all.

Time is now incredibly short.  Please get yourself right with the Lord that He may shield you from what is coming.  There is no better time than now.  We are now on the count down to incredible events.

Your brother in Jesus Christ, Randy Hecker




The Quality of Mercy March 25, 2017

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Once you become a follower of Jesus Christ, a true Christian who accepts His sacrifice for you as the inner core of your being, there are certain qualities that you need to build into your life.

The first of these is mercy.  Each of you needs to decided what mercy is and how you can express it and experience in your lives.  But know this:  In time each and every one of us will stand before the Throne of God and be judged for our believes and our works.  At that event billions will cry out for mercy and they will not get it.  God will say, “Show me one of children to whom you were merciful.  Just one.  But if there is one you cannot be a part of my Kingdom.”

To receive mercy you must give mercy.  When you come to an understand that you are your brother’s keeper, then mercy shall flow, first as a trickle of water, and in time as a great river.  This will increase your personal light and increase your relationships with God and His Son.

Along with mercy comes the quality of charity.  Most people will say, “I give to a charitable organization.”  But that is not good enough.  It must flow from your heart as a means of helping another brother or sister.

But to this I also say beware.  That are brothers and sisters that will abuse this to get the things they want.  For some time now I have watched some people who are in need of virtually everything to help them when I could.  But then I discovered that paying their bills is second to buying bit screen TV’s, (they have one in every room) and computer, games, pickup trucks — what they what want,  not what they need.  Charity to them would be a waste.  And the Lord to waste our good intention.

I do not support charitable organisms.  I use to work for one (no names given) that had the best service rate of any charitable organization.  They had an administrate rate of 20% and the balance went to the people they served.

One of the biggest charitable organization in a America has an administrate of nearly 90%. That means that denotations go into big salaries and vacation for their top people.  They are always building new buildings and hire lots of employees.  The %18 that is actually available never goes to anyone.  They always have excuses for why they cannot help the needed.

How to you think they will be judged?

Recently my wife and I agreed to help a sister get out of New York City (the big bull’s-eye).  We picked her up at the airport and gave her a room, a bed, her own bathroom, and a door she could lock.  She was a good Christian sister — that is one of her personalities was a good Christian sister.  One of her other personalities suffered from deep paranoid delusions, and another was highly aggressive and hates men.  She do not know how many personalities she actually has.  From the moment she walked into the door to our house and began plotting to remove us from our home with just the clothes on our backs. It took seven months, a court action, and the local Sheriff’s Department to have her remove and keep our home.  But it was close.  Had we not remove we would have been evicted three days later.

I have shared this as a warning.  We must be merciful and charity in our hearts.  But we must do it with a watchful eye.  And be careful.

But at the same time remember that God expects us to use our gifts wisely and we will have to accounted for them.

One final thought.  There are only two sins that cannot be forgiven.  These are denying the Holy Spirit and the other is the destruction of innocence.  In all things we wiser than the serpents that are around you.

I stand as your brother in Jesus Christ,

Randy Hecker



Watch California February 20, 2017

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I am sorry that it has taken me so long to return to this blog and post information.  A lot of things have happened since my last post, including three major surgeries.

Anyway, there are many things that the Lord has shown me that did not have a connecting pattern.  As an example, why would our government use its own nuclear weapons on its own citizens.  When Obama was in office anything could happen.  They have tried to start a nuclear conflict with the Russians on several occasions.

All of a sudden things they have been planning in secret for many years have come out into the open.  I am reminded of the scripture that says, “And the secret things shall be made known.”

There is a plan for California to succeed from the Union and declare itself to a free and independent country.  It is planned that Hillary Clinton shall be the President of the Republic of California. This will be a country based upon progressive principals (communism).  It will be the first step in building the Kingdom of the Beast as it will be governed by followers of Moloch.

The new capitol will be Bohemian Grove where the elite go to conduct human sacrifice to appease  Moloch.

The Republic of California will be based upon every manner of human depravity there is.  All churches will be outlawed, except those that convert to the worship of Moloch.  They will also seize the vast amount of military hardware that exists in California.  They will seize all of the nuclear weapons stored at multiple facilities.

Three times former President Obama (the future Anti-Christ) tried to initiate nuclear conflicts with Russia.  The only thing that stopped him was our generals and admirals who kept the nuclear football and the launch codes out of his hands.

Once they acquire these weapons it will only be a matter of time before they are used to burn the rest of America, and launch attacks upon Russian, China, and North Korea

The coming Great West Coast Earthquake will be the sign of God’s judgment upon them.

If you remember what I wrote about this terrible event, then recall that I said there would be two warning earthquakes preceding the big one.  There would be a 5.5 to a 6.5 out in the desert.  At an unknown time after that there would a 6.5 to 7.5 also in the desert.  This cycle has already occurred twice without the following great earthquake. These two cycles served a warning that was mostly ignored.  Now the cycle has begun for the third time with two recent 5.7 earthquakes occurring within hours of each other near Walker Lake,  Nevada.  There will not be a fourth cycle.

I am watching for the 6.5 to 7.5 quake to hit in the area of Brawley to Mexicali, California.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, the only Messiah and your Redeemer, then go to him in humbleness and seek the answer to whether you should leave California or stay there.  Many times the answer will be to stay because the Lord will need you there as a trusted servant.

Do as the spirit leads you.

Your brother in Jesus Christ, Randy


The Coming Great West Coast Earthquake May 31, 2015

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For five years now I have been warning about Mega Earthquake that will strike the San Andreas Fault and cause massive devastation to the California Southland.  I have stated that it measure between 9.5 and 10.5 but it would be preceded by two warning shocks.  The first of these would measure between 5.5 and 6.5 on the Richter Scale and it would occur out in the desert regions of Southern California.  It will hardly be felt in Los Angeles.  The second quake would measure between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Richter Scale.  It will cause damage at the epicenter and the tall buildings in Los Angeles  will sway.  There will be damage in older areas.

I do not know the time interval between the first and second quake, or how long it will be after that before the Big One strikes.

Twice before this pattern of quakes has hit without the Big One.  But I believe now the Big One is clearly coming.  This is based on other things the Lord has shown me.  The Lord has shown me that there would a mass migration out of Mexico and other Central American countries.  This has started but it will finally reach millions streaming north.The Lord has also shown me that the crust of the planet along the western margin of Central and North America will begin to break up before this quake., because of early effects of the incoming Destroyer.  The 4.8 magnitude earthquake outside of Las Vegas, where the water of Lake Mead is draining into the earth, is a clear indication that this has started.

Recently I received a communication from a seismologist in Southern California who stated it was simply impossible for the San Andreas to generate that magnitude an earthquake.   Under normal circumstances he is completely right.  The grinding between two tectonic plates is not sufficient to generate that kind of energy.

But there are things that will generate this great event.  First is the natural capacity of the San Andreas Fault to generate 7 to 8 magnitude earthquake.  Second is the use of seismic and tectonic weaponry that will be focused on the fault line.  And third is the judgment of God upon the unrighteous.   If I was a betting man (which I am not) I would put my money on Number Three.

This is coming as surely as the dawn comes.

I am a Watchman on the Wall.  My duty is to give warning of the coming things has shown me.  I am not a prophet.  The duty of a Prophet of God is give revelation as he receives it and to call the nation unto repentance.  I will continue to give warning for as long as I can, but the time is growing incredible short.


What Is Man That Thou Art Mindful Of Him October 27, 2014

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My brothers and sisters today I wish to take up a deep subject.  What is man and Who is God mindful of him but is not a respecter of men.

I just watch a movie entitled “The Giver”.  I recommend it to everyone.  It point out to me something every important.  We have been created in the image of the Most High God.  Does this not mean that He is like us?  Yes it does.  Does He have a body like ours?  Yes He does.  Does He had a spirit like our own but vastly greater in proportions?  Yes he does.

It is fundamentally true that as it is above, so it is below.  And it is below so it is above.

Does this mean that heaven is reflected in the Earth and the Earth is reflected in heaven?  It can be, but obviously it isn’t there yet.

Each person on this planet is a son or daughter or God.  It is fundamentally true that nothing can be made in matter that it is not modeled in spirit first.  Even the rocks and the trees have spirits after their own nature.  “"

“The Giver” painted a society in which everything is controlled.  Your life is chosen for you.  Your mate is chosen for you.  You are given a child to raise.  But all of the emotions are forbidden except for one person who was raised to be the receiver of all of the memories and emotions of the human race.  He releases that his society has lost the power to love, the power to take joy in things, as well as the power to hate.  And he knows his society is doomed if he doesn’t fix the problem.

As sons and daughters of God we have emotions, all of the good and all of the people,so that we can chose the greater.  The ultimate expression of this is loving your enemies even as the son of God instructed us to do.

God loves those sons and daughters who have taken upon themselves the name of Jesus Christ, His Son, and who are trying to live by His example.  These are the elect of His Son, those who shall find their names in the Lambs Book of Life.

But to those who only give this lip service – God is no respecter of you.  To those who do not even give that, God is definitely no respecter of you.  And you shall know His wraith.

The Lord asked me recently, “What is the value of a good man or woman if I do not qualify them on a daily basis?”  Then he answered:

“They no have value.”

May the Lord qualify you each day that you may the path of love with greater peace and understanding.  For following the Lord means you are walking the path of love that stretches beyond the star and beyond forever.


False Flag Operations everywhere September 11, 2014

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Since President Obama became Presidents there have been numerous false flag operations around the world conducted by elements of the United States Shadow government.  What are false flag operations.  They are a means of creating an enemy that attacks American interests, and so becomes the new target for government officials to go to war against.  Why?  It is very simple – war makes more profits than peace.  Trillions more.  In fact one day of a good war makes more profits than a thousands years of peace.

In the Bush administration the false flag was the CIA created and support throughout all of the anti-terrorist operations known as Al Queida.  We made Al Queida and lot of good American soldiers, men I am proud of, died for no other reason than war is profitable.

Now the enemy is ISIS and ISIS was almost totally created directly by the authority of President ISIS.  And who is funding ISIS? None other the deep black pockets of the CIA.

The whole purpose of ISIS is to create the foundation of the Gog Magog and give us the justification for re=inserting our military into Iraq (For oil) and for conducted a war against Syria and Iran.  Obama must do this before he leave office in 2016.  That is the only way he can declare national emergency powers and remain in office essential for ever (or until the emergency is over).

How long will it be before this develops into a global thermonuclear war.  Probably no more than hours; possibly only minutes.

All of this is prophecy.  and all of this is only a step towards make Obama the new global dictator – the one and only Anti-Christ.

What is so funny about this (in a sick way) is that in everything Obama is an absolute idiot at creating a false flag operation that doesn’t point directly at him (like everything else he does).

Live long and prosper for soon you shall do neither.


The Migration North July 6, 2014

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If you watch the news as I do, then you will know that right now a mass migration of women and children has started up from Central America to bring people to the fabled safety of America.

This migrating is being conducted under secret agreements between Mexico, Canada, the United States, and the United Nations.  Very soon United Nations border crossings and refugee camps will be established.  Very soon the tide of people will increase to millions.  Twenty to thirty million people will flee to the north with only what they can carry on their backs.

The Lord began warning me of this mass movement of people years ago.  It is absolutely amazing to watch the beginning of it, know in advance how great a movement it will become, and why it is happening.

Right now the area of the Central American volcanic highlands is receiving massive tectonic and crustal pressure from the incoming gravitational mass known as The Destroyer.  From Mexico City all the way down into Panama the ground is breaking up.  Virtually every volcano is on alert.  New sink holes, some of immense size, are appearing daily. 

This is the first large area of crustal instability developing from the gravitational pressure of The Destroyer. 

A massive earthquake is coming to Mexico City.  During this quake large areas of the world’s biggest city will be swallowed up and millions with die.  The volcanoes will erupt.  There will be a massive eruption of Mt. Popocatepetl.  When the smoke clears Mexico City will be no more  

Be warned that when this earthquake happens it is the final warning sign for the coming Great West Coast Earthquake.

Everything is for a reason.  Everything has a deeper spiritual truth to it.  Seek always to understand this deeper truth that the spirit of the Lord can fill you with wisdom.  One of these deeper truths is that the spirit of the Lord is moving on those who will listen and is saying: “Go NOW!”

Time is short, oh so very short.  I do not know how long we have but it cannot be long.

I will share more on these developing events soon.


A New Rise Of Freedom June 20, 2014

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There is a revolution occurring in Russia right now.  And will physical revolution is under way, what I am talking about is a spiritual revolution.


The spirit of the Lord is moving on he lands we call Russia like never before.  And while Putin thinks he is consolidating his power, the power of the Lord s reaching into the hearts and minds of people in all walks of live – including the core of the Russian government.


Today I received a revelation from the Lord.  When it is the Lord’s time the combined military forces of Russia will attack the United States, but they will come not as conquerors but as liberators.  They will come to restore the spiritual freedom of this land.

They will come to America bearing the banner of the Lord.

The power of the Lord is awe4some and mighty. There is a reason for everything.


The Mark Of The Beast Means Damnation May 13, 2014

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I have just read that there are so called Christian ministers telling their members that it is okay to take the Mark of the Beast.  People are being told that it is okay to take the Mark of the Beast for they can still receive salvation from the Lord. 

You can find this on Before It Is News.  There are several pastors who have already taken the RFID Chip.

These men (and perhaps women) are followers of Satan in secret.  They are leading the people into apostasy and they will receive bitter punishment for it.  Judgment is upon them.

The true Mark of the Beast is not in the world yet.  Mark my words – those who take the Mark will do so because they hate God and His Son Jesus Christ with a terrible passion and want vengeance against them.  The Mark will become the ensign of that hatred.  They who bear it will say to God and His Son, “We do not want to be in your kingdom.  We want to be in the kingdom of the Beast because he is cool and gives what we want.  He allows us to murder Christians and Jews as we desire and to engage in every manner of debauchery just because we want to do it.”

When the Mark appears, which will be after the passage of The Destroyer, it will initiate the greatest period of wanton destruction every carried out by man.  Even the preceding global thermonuclear war will seem like a picnic, and it will result in the deaths of two billion people.

Dire judgment will be upon those who take the Mark.


The Rise of Apostasy Within Christianity October 27, 2013

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Over thirty years ago the Lord warned me that a time would come in my church in which the hearts of the people would turn away from the teachings they have held as precious and a time of Apostasy would come. 

I am seeing this now.  But this is a top down Apostasy, not the other way around.  More and more I see people being called to positions of authority that are good religious people but have no basis in the underlying spiritual realities.  In other words the spirit of the Lord is not with them. 

While these people present themselves as a perfect image of a church brother or sister, the lack of direction by the Lord can only lead to lots of the direction by the Adversary.  I have seen brothers and sisters say things that are completely wrong according to the teachings of my church and yet they are now the ones in general authority.  There is no mercy, no charity, no welfare, and no consideration for the states of others.  At the same time the spirit of the Lord has left our building.  It is now just a building,

At the same time I see other church’s turning away from prophecy, even as my own as done.  Prophecy is the deepest basis of Christianity.  Without understanding the prophetic role of Jesus Christ and knowing that prophecy will be fulfilled with His return, there can no hope.  And hope and faith are deeply entertained.

Keep your eyes open for the turning away has begun.  And remember this – there is another Church that is growing faster than ever.  It has no buildings, no clergy.  Its head is Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.  It is the Church of His spirit.  Becoming a member of it is a path of daily disciple and living to hear His voice and follow His direction.