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The Shape Of Things To Come

It is the first part of 2011.  There are several things that are shaping up that are going to be real trouble spots in the year ahead.  The first of these is the Korean Peninsula.  North Korea is falling apart and is on the edge of a complete military breakdown.  The reason for this is starvation.  The people are starving and so is the military.  As we will see in America in the days ahead, starving people can only be controlled for so long and then anarchy erupts.

War will erupt on the Korean Peninsula.  It is only a matter of time.  There will be nuclear weapons used — first by the North and then by us.  But tactical nuclear weapons will not stem the flow of millions of starving people.  North Korea can lose a few million people and it simply means that their overpopulation problem is solved.

The second trouble spot is the Gulf of Aden.  Something is happening there.  A magnetic vortex has been detected that appeared at the same time as the blue spiral over Norway.  Ships from most of the world’s Navy’s are there and this represents a massive amount of fire power, including tactical nuclear devices.  Now something that is thought to be a wormhole has begun to form within the magnetic vortex.  When it is fully formed something is going to come out of that wormhole and that something is not going to be nice.  It will in fact be something immensely evil.  The governments of Earth know this and are ready to go to war against it when it appears.  But of course this is deeply classified.  Let  Wicki Links break this bit of information.

We are also heading to war with Iran.  This is inevitable because Iran will start it with a nuclear attack on Saudi Arabia and Israel.  Saudi Arabia will be decimated but most of the missiles heading toward Israel will be shot down over Jordan.  The Jordaens will have major problems with radiation.

India and Pakistan will enter into a nuclear exchange with each other.  It will be the time of Lucifer’s judgment upon the nations of the world.

But it will start with a great earthquake in Southern California that will measure a magnitude of between 9.5 and 10.5 on the Richter Scale.  48 to 72 hours later there will a nuclear sneak attack on America.  100,000 Russian and Chinese troops will launch an attack on America from Mexico where they are now awaiting the orders to go.  100,000 Chinese troops will move south from Canada.  There will also be massive landings of Russian and Chinese troops on the West Coast in zones not affected by nuclear fallout.

The good news is they will not succeed.  They do not understand who is really in control.  They do not understand that Jesus Christ will only allow them to go only to the point He specifies.  Then they shall be overwhelmed by natural disasters, plagues, famine, and the time that the great thunderstones will fall from the sky.

Everything is coming to a head.  But remember I cannot tell you when these things will happen, only that they will happen.

If you have not prepared for these events you are running out of time to do so.  Storable food is rapidly becoming unavailable.  You will also need water filtration and medical supplies. Remember this —  when the nukes hit,  America will not be the same again for possibly generations.  It will up to the survivors to pull the country together again.  But there be a time of chaos and anarchy, when blood will run in the streets.  There will be a time when the only meat that will be available in the cities will be that which hangs on human bones.  And there will be gangs who will hunt people down just to eat them.

I am reminded of what the Lord has told me many times, “They can nothing until I release them, and then watch and see what I am going to do.”  I do not know when He will release the powers of Lucifer to make war on the world, but it won’t be long.

There is now greater time to stand with the Lord than now.



1. Melanie Smith - September 22, 2012



randyhecker - October 21, 2012

Hi Melanie

I am sorry it took me so long to answer this but my computer completely crashed and took me allow to secure the loan of an older PC from a friend. I am glad to see that you use the numonic 777 behind your name. 777 is the number of Jesus Christ just as 666 is the number of the one who apposes Him.

Several years ago I wrote a book on spiritual warfare. It is available for free on my forum located at http:spiritofprophecy.maxforum/org.
Membership to the forum is free. I created it for people to share their experiences as they live within the spirit of the Lord. After a year and a half it is a global forum with members across the planet. Hope to see you and your sister soon.


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